Northern Ostrobothnia Museum’s exhibition spaces in Ainola have been closed

Ainolan rakennus talvella auringonpaisteessa.

The museum exhibitions were closed on 31.12.2023.

The final year of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum in the old Ainola museum building went by very fast!

Since 1933, the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum’s exhibitions in the Ainola museum building have opened perspectives on the history of our region and our city. First, the museum operated on the third floor of the building. Since the 1980s, the entire building has been used by the museum. The current permanent exhibition has been on display since 2002. In addition, over the years residents of Oulu as well as tourists have had the opportunity to see hundreds of special exhibitions that have taken visitors on a journey through time to the region’s past and the city of Oulu’s over 400-year history.

During the last months, residents of Oulu came to visit familiar exhibitions once more. The number of visitors was huge. In the last few weeks, the museum reached the milestone of 30,000 visitors this year.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum’s exhibitions in Ainola closed on 31.12.2023. The museum’s staff is now really starting to prepare for the planning and commissioning of the new exhibition spaces. Public officials – archaeologists and building specialists – continue their work as usual.

New exhibitions will open in a new building to be built in Myllytulli in 2026. Planning for the new exhibitions has already been underway for more than a year along with the BestBeloved Museum project. Thanks to the project, every resident of Oulu is welcome to plan new exhibitions together with the museum staff.