Multicultural community in Oulu opens up its story in Rediscovery exhibition

Nainen ripustamassa taidetta.

Karoliina Autere, the project manager of the BestBeloved Museum project, is hanging up the Rediscovery exhibition.

Art Being Family Club & BestBeloved Museum proudly present:

REDISCOVERY Northern Ostrobothnia Museum 16.11.-31.12.2023

”Rediscovery” is a heartwarming exhibition that beautifully reflects the diverse tapestry of Oulu’s community, celebrating the vibrant interplay of the cultural heritage of our participants. It’s all about their journey of finding themselves again after moving to a new country, learning a different language, and adjusting to a new way of life. We welcome you to discover the unique beauty that these individuals have brought with them from all over the world to Oulu. Through the power of art, personal narratives, and shared experiences, ”Rediscovery” unveils the intricate process of adaptation, as it gently reveals the rich tapestry of human diversity that now blossoms within the compassionate embrace of Oulu, leaving a resonating and heartfelt connection in its wake.

Grand opening on 15.11.2023 at 17-19 We invite you to visit the official opening ceremony to meet our amazing participants, curators and people who made this exhibition happen, and wonderful members of the diverse international community of Oulu! We will provide snacks, tea and coffee.

Free entry! Place: the 3rd floor of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

Music Pop-Up Event Sunday on 19.11.2023 at 16-17 Eva Gintare (Oulu Creative Learning Studio) will arrange a special Interactive Pop-up music event during the Lumo Light Festival. There will be fun musical games, body percussion and colourful boomwhackers for our younger visitors! Place: the 3rd floor of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

Organized by: Art-being Family Club and Northern Ostrobothnia Museum Curators: Arina Lykova (EntreCom Enterprise Community) and Karoliina Autere (BestBeloved museum, Northern Ostrobothnia Museum) Supported by: City of Oulu, Oulu Museum and Science Centre, Cultural Centre Valve


Albina Marchenko, Round dance, materiaaleina villa, huopa, puuvillalanka, kuivatut yrtit ja helmet, 2023.

Karoliina Autere

Curator of education, Project manager, BestBeloved museum